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Por4mance + Women in Porsche 

Synergy - the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

The CEO of Women in Porsche (WiP), Laurina Esposito, presented me with the idea that our Companies (Por4mance and Women in Porsche) should collaborate to assist each other in growing our networks, I immediately agreed and could not think of a better company to work with.  

Yes, for many years the Porsche community has primarily been dominated by males, for whatever reason(s).  However, as with all things, times are changing and so is the Porsche community.  Today, we are witnessing more and more women behind the wheel of the brand that connects us all - Porsche.   And if you recently attended any track-days or cars and coffee, you are seeing more female 'driven' ladies attending both of those as well.   Not to mention the International Motorsports Association (IMSA), and the ladies that are making it happen on the tracks these days (Katherine Legge, Christina Nielson, etc.).  On that note, I have to mention the,"the Queen of the Ring," Sabine Schmitz, and the pathway she helped carved for other female drivers.  Every since I saw her on 'Top Gear," I was a huge fan...

I think the expansion of females into the Porsche community is a great thing...

One of the things that I love most about the Porsche community, or the car community in general, is that there is no division amongst us.  Meaning, we don't discuss politics, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, etc...  We all share a common passion (Porsche) and that's what 'unites' us and this world needs more 'unity' and less division....

So please help me welcome, Women in Porsche...

Our Vision

To establish and cultivate a community for the Women in Porsche (and the men who encourage them) who wanted to connect, be validated, heard, appreciated, and respected. At the same time, to offer them a place to indulge in their passion for PCars and opportunities to get together for drives and social events, and to cultivate relationships, and create a safe space where women could be supported, held up and backed by others who understand adversity and diversity, and are ready to stand next to one another as we seek to normalize the concept of women in the car industry. WiP, Inc. makes no judgement of the women typically displayed in the car world- often scantily clad and sprawled across mechanical works of art wants to assure this community that our desire is to empower feminine energy, break down outdated barriers of societal standards and to encourage new generations of women to embrace their own passions for all things motorsport.

Women can change their tires, oil, brakes, and suspension. Women can work on their motors. Women can intelligently pick out, negotiate, and buy a car without their husbands or fathers. Women can track their cars, hit the road, and tackle some of the toughest drives out there. Women can do what was once perceived as a masculine only pastime. Simply put - Women Can, Too!

As we continue to grow, we hope that it will remain evident that Women in Porsche, Inc. was created to tell the stories of and connect the women who love Porsche Cars, drive them, work on them, and know every nuance, nut, and bolt of them - both literally and figuratively. Our dream is that these new communities of WiPsters will continue to break down the outdated standards that still exist and encourage younger generations to pursue their love for motorsports, joining forces with newfound friends for rallies, drives, dinners, car shows, events, retreats and so much more.

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 12.51.00 PM.pn

Meet Laurina!@reginadiporsche

Laurina is the mastermind, the heart, and the soul, behind WiP - she is also the owner of @EspoResto. #womencantoo is not just words to her, this woman can quite literally do it all!

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WiP Swag

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