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Suche nach Porsche-Fahrzeugen für potenzielle Käufer in den USA Wenn Sie einen Porsche verkaufen oder kaufen möchten, wenden Sie sich bitte an Por4mance.

Por4mance Design


Introducing Por4mance Design: The Ultimate Destination for Automotive Customization and Sales

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Por4mance Design, the newest addition to Por4mance Motors and Detail Garage. Por4mance Design is dedicated to providing unparalleled automotive customization and comprehensive in-house services, making it the premier destination for car enthusiasts seeking high-performance upgrades, auto customization (body kits, wheels/tires, etc). and impeccable detailing. At Por4mance design, we can build or modify your engine, tunes, order your parts, or  paint and install them.


Our Trusted In-House Collaborations

At Por4mance Design, we pride ourselves on offering a seamless, all-in-one experience by partnering with top-tier specialists in the automotive industry:

  • Autometrics Motorsports:  Experts in engine modifications, tuning, and dyno testing.

  • Concours Collective:  Renowned for their precision in paint and bodywork.

  • Apex Graphics:  Leaders in high-quality wraps and paint protection film.

  • Por4mance Detail Garage:  paint correction, detailing and ceramic coating


Authorized Dealers and Installers

In addition to our in-house capabilities, Por4mance Design is proud to be an authorized dealer and installer for some of the most prestigious brands in automotive customization:

  • Techart:  Celebrated for their exceptional Porsche tuning, engine modifications and Porsche body kits/parts.

  • Brabus:  Known for luxury and performance upgrades, particularly for Mercedes-Benz, but Brabus now offers kits for certain Porsche models.

  • Moshammer:  Specialists in aerodynamic components and body kits.

  • Soul Performance:  Providers of high-performance exhaust systems and parts.

  • Vivid Racing:  Suppliers of a wide range of aftermarket performance parts.

  • BBS Wheels:  World-renowned for their high-quality, performance-oriented wheels.

  • Litespeed Racing:  Known for their lightweight, durable wheels ideal for performance and aesthetics.


PCAR Market

White Glove Seller Services for PCAR Market - sell your car

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive services, we are now an authorized white glove seller for PCAR Market. Our concierge-level service offers a hassle-free experience for sellers, ensuring their vehicles are presented in the best possible light. For a flat fee of $2,850.00, we offer:

  • Full Vehicle Inspection: Conducted by Autometrics to ensure your car is in top condition.

  • Complete Auto Detail: Interior, exterior, engine bay, trunk, and windows will be meticulously cleaned and polished.

  • Professional Photography: 75 high-quality photos showcasing every angle of your vehicle.

  • Paint Meter Reading: Includes photos of the exterior to verify the paint condition.

  • Carfax Report: Comprehensive vehicle history report.

  • Cold Start Video: Demonstrating the engine's performance from a cold start.

  • Driving Video: Showcasing the vehicle's performance on the road.


Seamless Auction Experience - Book your selling experience

When you choose Por4mance Design for your PCAR Market listing, you have the option to personally answer questions during the auction, or we can handle all inquiries on your behalf. If additional vehicle services or maintenance are required, these can be performed by Autometrics at an additional cost to the seller.

Sell your car


Why Choose Por4mance Design?

  • Expertise: Our team and partners are industry leaders, ensuring top-quality results.

  • Convenience: Comprehensive in-house services mean your vehicle receives seamless, expert care.

  • Quality: We use only the best parts and materials to guarantee exceptional performance and aesthetics.


Get in Touch

Discover the difference with Por4mance Design. Whether you're looking to enhance your vehicle's performance, customize its appearance, or sell it with confidence, we provide the expertise and services you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and to schedule a consultation. Let's drive the future of automotive customization and sales together.


Por4mance Design – Where Performance Meets Precision.


Wenn Sie uns helfen möchten, füllen Sie bitte das folgende Formular aus und ich werde mich in Kürze bei Ihnen melden.

Vielen Dank für die Einreichung!

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