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. 11. 1809 Defended for The History of the War Between the United States and Mexico 1810-1812. Mr. Dallas, in his work on the history of the war between the United States and Mexico, entitled, “The War Between the United States and Mexico, 1810-1812,” states that the Cherokee was an hereditary chief, and one of the officers of the Cherokee nation. “But,” says Mr. Dallas, “I have never been able to find any record that the Cherokees were either warriors or soldiers in the war. “It is not improbable,” he continues, “that a certain chieftain named Dadee sent a force of Cherokees across the mountains to battle with the Americans, but the accounts that I have seen all agree in the statement that the Cherokees on the whole were peaceably inclined, and consequently their aid was given to nobody.” The Cherokees were never warriors, and the following historical facts will show this: The Cherokee nation and their power, so great when the United States had few people, has been constantly diminishing since the death of their chief, John Ross, in 1866. In 1875, the Creeks and Seminoles made peace with the United States, and in 1885 the Cherokees made peace with them also. The Cherokees were completely broken up and dispersed in 1838. In 1845 the United States claimed all the Cherokees by treaty, and took their land away, paying them the money of $7,500,000, in coin, as the result of the law of the land. “These facts and many others,” continues Mr. Dallas, “are of themselves sufficient to show that the Cherokees did not take up arms against the United States. “They were equally at peace with their bitterest enemies, the Creeks, Seminoles, and the Americans. “It would be strange if they should be considered and regarded as warriors. “They may have taken part in the border war of 1832, but, if so, it was merely as a matter of curiosity.” Mr. Dallas also says: “The Cherokees were a very active and useful people; they are not an idle people; they are a fine type of Indians, and their descendants, though their




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Arcon Moj Dom 6 11

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