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BMW Project Car
Is this car worth the effort?

Before and After video


Let's compare the price of total amount invested, to what I sold it for:

I bought this for $500.00 (it was in terrible shape, if you watched the 1st video you know)

How much did I invest in it (approximate costs)?

  1. New Front Bumper $500.00

  2. Blacked out front bumper grills $50.00

  3. New Door handles (times 3) $100.00 (it was less than that but I am estimating)

  4. Rear air vents $50.00

  5. New rear tail light - $150.00

  6. Cleaning products and polishing pads

    1. ​I am going to guestimate here.  I operate a detailing businesss on the side so most of these products I already own; however, there are things that I purchased specifically for this car (i.e. headlight restorer, polishing pads that I will not be able to use again, matching paint from Autotouchup Paint, etc.).  $250.00​​

  7.  Compete inspection and repair by Autometrics Motorsports to make sure there were no mechanical issues with the car.  Unfortunately, there were a few, which cost me $900.00 to fix.  However, I sold the car in good conscious that it was a reliable car.

TOTAL PRICE (invested):  $2,500.00 (plus the countless hours that I spent working on the car ) - how much is your time and effort worth?

I sold the Car for $5,500.00, which means I made $3,000.00 in profit.

Yes, I think I could sold it for more (especially in today's car market), but this gentleman was buying it for his daughter, and being a father myself, I wanted to help him out.  Sometimes, it's not all about the money, at least for me.  I like to help people out as much as possible - when I can.  

At the end of the day, I invested approximately $2,500.o0 in this car; I sold this car for $5,500.00 so was the time and energy I spent worth the $3,000.00 that I made?  I didn't log the total amount of hours spent on this car.  I will tell you it was dozens of hours (changing the bumper, removing the seats, polishing the car (3 times), restoring the headlights, polishing the windows, ceramic coating it, etc.).  My question for you, is that worth it to you?

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